Manchester-based Consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialising in adult hip and knee reconstruction



Mr Rama Mohan is a Specialist Lower Limb Arthroplasty Surgeon with expertise in all aspects of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty surgery

He was appointed as Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in North Manchester General Hospital in 2002 and undertakes Lower limb Reconstructive and Arthroplasty surgery both in his NHS and private practice.


Total hip

Total knee

Robotic arm-assisted
hip replacement


Mr Mohan is a fantastic surgeon and I can't recommend him highly enough!

I'm so thankful to Mr Ram Mohan for doing both my knee replacements simultaneously in July 2018. This was life-changing for me. After over a decade of worsening pain and daily painkillers, walking with a stick (and needing a wheelchair for longer distances), eventually, the tablets were less and less effective, the pain became unbearable and I knew something had to be done. I requested Mr Mohan to operate on both knees since they were equally badly affected by arthritis. The operations were a great success. My knee movements are fantastic and pain-free. My only regret is not having decided to have the operations much sooner.

I am ever grateful and will keep Mr Mohan in my prayers.

Mrs Yasmeen S,

For many years I had severe pain in both my knees, massively limiting my mobility, especially whilst ascending stairs. During a visit to my family in Manchester, Mr Ram Mohan was recommended to me. I consulted him, he examined my knees and recommended a total knee replacement. Due to his thorough approach and explanation, I had full trust in him and decided to go ahead with the knee replacement surgery for my right knee in September 2018. The operation was a complete success and after a few weeks of physiotherapy, I was able to return home to Germany in October. The movements in my right knee were pain-free!!

I had severe arthritis pains in my left knee, which following a previous accident, was badly damaged and required numerous surgeries including reconstructive surgery with a muscle flap and skin graft. In view of my previous entirely positive experience of total knee replacement surgery with Mr Mohan for my right knee, I consulted him about the possibility of having a knee replacement surgery for this left knee. Mr Mohan, at this consultation, agreed to undertake this complex knee replacement surgery with the assistance of a Plastic Surgeon, to lift the old muscle flap and preserve the grafted skin, thus allowing him to do the actual knee replacement.

Today, 17 months after the 2nd knee also had a successful knee replacement surgery, both my knees are pain-free I can walk around easily, over several storeys, in my house, and can thoroughly enjoy walking in my garden and cycling! I am so happy to have entrusted myself into the hands of this competent surgeon!

I thank Mr Ram Mohan, that he has restored my joy of life with his encouraging consultations and his surgical know-how, expertise, and skill!

Mrs Ute G
Offenburg, Germany

I have had a total hip replacement by Mr. Mohan and can’t praise him enough. From my first visit to see him in November to having the operation at the end of January I couldn’t have had a better surgeon. Everything has gone so well and I’m now healing up nicely. I’ve seen Mr. Mohan today and he showed me my new hip. It’s wonderful now I’m not in that horrible pain from the arthritis. I can highly recommend Mr. Mohan and feel very lucky to be in his care. A wonderful surgeon. Thank you so much the difference this operation has made to me is amazing.

Mr David H,

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