Assisted Total
Hip Replacement

This type of replacement uses robotic-arm assisted technology for greater accuracy. Use of this technology has been shown to result in shorter hospital stays, smoother recovery and increased satisfaction.


Why use the Robotic Arm assisted Total Hip Replacement?
Robotic Arm Assisted surgery for a total hip replacement has been shown to be more accurate and to offer a greater improvement in patient function when compared to manual surgery. The precise and accurate placement of Hip implant may well be the difference between a good and an excellent or a so called ‘forgotten’ hip.


What does a Robotic arm assisted Total Hip Replacement involve?

Before surgery: 

In the weeks before your hip operation, a 3D CT scan of your hip is undertaken, which is then processed by the Robot. Your surgeon, with the assistance of the Robotic Arm Technology, plans the surgical procedure within a fraction of a millimetre.

During surgery: 

Your consultant is always in control during the operation. However, the Robotic arm assisted technology allows the consultant to perform the joint replacement with pinpoint accuracy, tailored to your anatomy, hip size and alignment. The robot does NOT perform the surgery, but helps the Consultant using the technology to place the surgical tools in the correct position to achieve this accuracy. 

The Procedure:

The procedure begins with the surgeon making an incision over the side or front of the hip. Using Robotic arm assisted technology, damaged and diseased cartilage and bone is excised after taking points around the hip to ensure accurate alignment and placement of the prosthesis. 

After appropriate trial, components are inserted. With a Robotic arm assisted hip replacement, your surgeon can be confident of precise placement and alignment of the component. This in turn significantly improves the chances of equal leg length and stability. The procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete.